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ID Pal Logo picture of Brady IDPal Tool

Here’s professional labeling with a difference! This new hand-held labeling tool offers electrical and data communication installers an unbeatable combination -- superior labels designed for outstanding adherence to round and curved surfaces -- at an affordable price.

Weighing only 1.2 lbs. fully loaded (cartridge and batteries), it fits comfortably in the hand, features all the standard electrical symbols, and is easy to use. The label cartridge is top-loaded. Built-in intelligence senses tape size and automatically formats the label. A choice of performance- tested labeling materials, label widths and lengths, and fonts ensures a good match with a variety of applications.

It’s the ideal tool for:

ID PAL Data Communications Labels

  • Wire and cable marking
  • Control panel and component marking
  • Patch panels
  • Workstation labels
  • Any smooth/flat, curved, textured, or highly textured surfaces
  • Asset and general ID

ID PAL is an affordable, easy to use, portable thermal transfer printer designed for the field, not the office. The rugged design has been tested to withstand harsh environments and a tough 4 foot drop test to concrete.

Prints Brady-quality labels High performance Brady ribbons and tapes means that ID PAL labels stick longer. Print remains legible for years.
Easy-to-peel labels Saves time and money. Oversized liner makes peeling the label from the liner a snap.
Lightweight and ergonomic Easy to use, since the printer weighs only 1.2 lbs. Fits great in your hand with less fatigue.
Job-tough construction Designed to withstand harsh environments and rough handling.
Quick, top-load, drop-in cartridge Save time and money by quickly replacing cartridges. Makes it easy to use.
Built-in industrial cutter Makes it quick and easy to cut a label. No need to buy replacement cutters, since it will last for years.
Intuitive keyboard with electrical and datacomm symbols Easy to use. Commonly used electrical and datacomm symbols are pre-programmed into the printer.
Special wire marking mode with 10 preset lengths Mark wire and cable quickly and easily. Common wire and cable lengths are pre-programmed for automatic 360 degree identification.
Prints upper and lower case characters Provides more control over how you would like your characters to appear.
Multiple line printing and serialization Print more than one line of text per label. Automatically increments value to save time and money.
Automatic shut-off Save money by not having to replace batteries if printer is accidentally left on.
Six month warranty (12 months if registered) Warranty is doubled if the printer is registered via fax form or website ( Plus, purchaser receives a FREE set of impact guards.

Why do ID PAL labels stick better than ordinary labels?

Better chemistry – a combination of advanced adhesives and high-quality materials resulting from Brady’s industry-leading R&D efforts and extensive testing. So ID PAL labels stick stronger and longer on your toughest surfaces – from wire and able to highly textured plastics – even in harsh environments like exposure to solvents, chemicals, extreme temperatures, and abrasion.

As a result, the ID PAL eliminates the confusion caused by faded, smeared, or poorly written labels, or labels that fall off leaving unidentified wires. Eliminates costly callbacks, too.

Three styles to choose from:

General Banner Wire Marking
ID PAL General Labeling ID PAL Banner Labels ID PAL Wire Marking Labels